When Life Gets Crazy, Get Organized

I had good intentions at the beginning of the week to write a new, helpful blog post I’d had on my heart. Sometimes God has different plans, though. This week has been a crazy one for me personally. If you don’t know, in addition to running Every Sparrow Organization, I also work a full time job. This week we have been gearing up for a big event, which has meant later hours for me and less time to write. So I have shifted my vision for this blog post to focus on how busy life gets and how  organization has helped me personally.


I’ve already posted about the benefits of an organized home, so I will skip that part today. See my previous blog posts for more on that! What I want to focus on today is being personally organized and what that looks like for me.


The best gift you can give your busy life is a good planner. Find one that meets your needs. My planner literally helps me get my life together. My personal favorite is Horatio Printing’s planners. They are amazing. Coming in both a student mid-year planner and a regular January start planner, they include month at a glance pages, weekly breakdowns with to-do lists, project planning pages, and lots of extra space for notes. My favorite part about this planner is there is a little dot grid at the bottom of the to-do list for each week, which I use to meal plan. My whole month of April is pretty crazy between weddings and work events, so I knew I was not going to have much time to grocery shop. My husband and I sat down and figured out the meals we wanted to eat throughout the month of April and then we went shopping.


The point is not to get this planner specifically, but to find one that works for you! Some planners encourage you to doodle. Others like mine from Horatio Printing encourage you to map out your dreams so that you can achieve them. Some planners even have perforated shopping lists you can tear off. I personally like to keep my shopping list on the fridge, but find what works for you.


Life organization is largely an experiment, but if you need help getting started, please contact me! I would love to help. Organizing my life has helped me so much this crazy week to find space in my days where I can get what I need to done. I know it can help you too!


Peace and Love,