Beware the Bins

Storage bins can be great. Living in North Carolina, with its temperatures ranging from the 20’s in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer, it is nice to get your off-season clothes out of the way when you won’t need them for months. I love that I can put all my sweaters in a box under my bed, freeing up space for the shorts and tank tops I would much rather be wearing.


Storage bins are also great for storing things like all those Christmas decorations you bring out the day after Thanksgiving each year. Why leave Christmas lights up year round, when you can create the special occasion of lighting them for a month out of the year? Or how about those children’s clothes that little Bobby has outgrown, but in another year, Joey will be able to wear them? Just fold them up in a plastic box and put them in the attic until Joey is big enough!


Like I said, storage bins are great. However, I think as a society, we have started to use them as a crutch. How often have I not know what to do with a keepsake item, so I have shoved it in a box under my bed? How often do I hang on to art supplies I know I will never use, because I can put them in a box in my closet, out of the way? How often have I held onto clothes I have owned for years, but still cannot fit, just on the off chance that I may fit into it some day? In the end, the storage bin is an enabler. It enables us to keep things we don’t really need, and in many cases, things we don’t even like.


I love a pretty storage bin as much as the next person, but I want to issue a challenge: Next time you start to put something in storage, as yourself why it is going in storage, as well as when you are planning to use it. I believe that these two questions can make a huge difference in the amount of things we hang onto. Sometimes less is more. Free yourself up. Need support in this challenge? Please feel free to contact me!


Peace and Love,