A Tisket, a Tasket, a Pretty Storage Basket

One of my favorite organizing hacks is to use pretty baskets and bins to store items I use daily. Baskets add a design element to your home, while helping you keep items you need-but would rather not display-out of sight. You can find wicker baskets, wire baskets, and metal bins at Walmart and Target for about $8.00 a piece.


Here’s a few ways I use baskets in my home:

  • In my bathroom: We don’t have drawers or shelves under the sink, so some shelves on the bathroom wall hold several baskets we keep toiletry items in. For example, one basket is for items used daily like face wash, lotion, and contract solutions while another holds my makeup and nail polish, which I use less frequently.

  • In the bedroom: This is a great way to hide those little things that accumulate on your night stand. My husband uses one to hold his wallet, watch, and pocket knife so he can find them easily the next morning.

  • In the kitchen: We use a metal bin/basket to hold produce items that needs to stay out of the refrigerator, such as potatoes and onions. I put this the corner of my counter and it creates a dark space for the produce storage, without having vegetables all over my counter top. I also use baskets to hold all the candy we receive at holidays.

  • In the office/ craft room: Baskets hold small office supplies like extra staples, rubber bands, and erasers. I also use a larger basket to hold gift wrapping supplies like ribbon, tissue paper, bows, tape, and scissors.

The best part is the baskets should be used to serve your needs! They are working pieces of art, and perfect if you like a little rustic flair in your home. The important thing to remember is that this is to help you keep things you use on a regular basis handy, not as a catch-all for items you don’t know what to do with. If you need help decluttering and organizing, please contact me! I am happy to help you create a space you can love and love to live in at home.


Peace and Love,