First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

We all know how that rhyme ends. As describe working the “wedding circuit” and how we are finally done with weddings, at least for a while, the most common response I receive is “Next you will be traveling for babies.” While we probably have a little while before all our newly-wed friends start having little ones, I do have a few friend and family members expecting. And with a pregnancy or a new baby, there is yet another influx of items, as all the shower gifts float in. It’s like your wedding all over again, except this time it’s a Diaper Genie you are crossing your fingers for, not the Keurig! (Though you might need that too, once the baby is born!)


There is enough going on with a new baby that you shouldn’t have to worry about the clutter all those items bring in. So how do you tackle things before your little one enters the world? While I might not have my own kids yet, I am the oldest of seven children and familiar with the changes that happen with a new baby. Here are some tips and pointers for preparing for and receiving all those gifts.


  1. Research Products. By this, I don’t just mean find out which car seat has the best safety rating. Talk to other moms. Do they actually use their baby buggy or bassinet? Sometimes it is better to register for items that will grow with your child. Many people practice baby wearing now, so you may not need a stroller until your baby is old enough to support its head anyway. I’ve found that “umbrella” strollers are amazing. The fold up super small, ready to go anywhere! It’s also good to think about whether you would actually use something. Some people love their changing table, while others never use them, in favor of sitting on the couch to change diapers.

  2. Keep items you will use the most where you can easily reach them. Diapers and wipes should be easily accessible. Rather than hiding them in the cabinet of your changing table, find a small storage basket you can keep stocked on your changing station.

  3. Store clothes by size. Let’s face it. Babies grow quickly! You will often have multiple sizes in stock, because one day you will wake up and your baby will no longer fit her newborn clothes. Make life a little easier by storing clothes by size, but still where you can easily get to the next size up. Don’t hide things in another room either. Mommy brain will kick in and you will forget where you put all your 6 month clothes… or that you even own them!

If you or a loved one is expecting or adopting a little one, or recently welcomed a new addition to your family, first off, congratulations! Second, if you are finding yourself overwhelmed, get some help! We are here for you if you need help finding a space for things and creating a functional environment.


Peace and Love,