Moving Tip #2

Last month I introduced moving tip number 1: start early. Today I am introducing moving tip number 2: Keep items in containers you already use. This is a great one for moving back and forth between home and college!

When packing, think about those items you already have storage bins for. This can be plastic tubs or those fabric bins. Just load those into the moving van or car as they are. To keep things from falling out, just go over the top a few times with plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is a mover’s best friend. This way, when you get to your new place, you can just unwrap the bin and put it where it goes right away, ready for use.

Clothes can easily be packed in this manner. If you are taking your furniture with you, pull the full drawers out of the dresser and then put the empty dresser on the truck. You can then load the clothing filled drawers back into the dresser. To keep the drawers from shifting, either plastic wrap the whole dresser, or place a similarly size piece of furniture up against the dresser to keep things from shifting. Once you arrive at your new home, unwrap the dresser and move drawers inside, followed by the dresser. Viola’, all your clothes are where they need to be!

You can similarly move your hanging items. Leaving clothes on the hangers, from the bottom of the garments, pull a trash bag over the clothes to keep them clean. Tie the bag near the top. Lay the hanging clothes on top of larger items you have in the truck or car. Once you are at the new house, simply hang the clothes and remove the trash bag!

I hope this tip has made packing and unpacking for your move a little easier. If you need help packing up, let me know! This is also a great time to declutter. Don’t bring the clutter to your new home.

Peace and Love,