Organizing Your Pets

My husband and I have three fur babies, all beagle lab mixes, which means we have quite a collection of doggy items. As you are organizing your house, it’s important not to forget to keep our furry friends organized as well. Here’s a few tips for how we keep our dogs straight.

Store pet food in an air-tight, easily accessible space. Two of our dogs, Jax and Lexi, spend most of their time outside, so we keep their food where we can quickly get to it once we get home from work: under the carport. A large metal trash can with lid is the perfect storage container to keep animals out and freshness in. Next to the food can we have a little shelf which hold the rest of their things. A basket holds their toys,  water cup, and brush. A clear storage container, like what you would use for your flour and sugar, hold their dog treats so I can not only easily access them, but also tell when it’s time to go to the store. On the hook by the door we keep their harnesses and leashes.

Our younger dog, Guinness, spends most of his time inside, so he has a food station in our kitchen. We have a smaller bin for his food, since he’s the only one inside and goes through it slower. Next to the bin is his water bowl and food bowl, all of which are on a nice rubber mat in case he makes any messes. Any extra treats and the nail clippers stay in a cabinet in the kitchen. I know that sounds like a weird place for the nail clippers, but it works for us, since we have to give treats as incentive for the “horrors” of having their nails trimmed. All of Guinness’s toys are kept in a small wooden bin in the living room, so he knows exactly where to look for them. We keep the dog shampoo and other cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink, so when it’s bath time we don’t have to run all over the house with dogs that are already stressed at the word “bath.”

None of these things are tricky. The biggest thing is to find what works best for you and your pets! Create little spaces for them as well, where they can feel safe. These little things should make your life easier, so you can spend more time loving on your fur babies. Need a little extra boost to getting your life organized? Reac out to me!

Peace and love,