Moving Tip #1

Moving is a big change for many people. There’s the new location, new house, new job, new school, new church, new neighbors, and new friends. All this “new” can be overwhelming. But who says the actual process of moving should be? Over the next few months, as we approach summer, a time when many people move, I will be giving a few moving tips!

Tip #1: Start packing early.

So often I see people wait until the last week before the move to start packing. I have even seen someone who did the bulk of their packing on their moving day. Don’t give yourself that stress! Make a list once you know you are moving of the things you will need between now and then. Will the seasons be changing between now and then? No? Then go ahead and make sure all the off season clothing and games are packed up. For example, if it is May, and you are moving in July, go ahead and pack up the coats and sweaters. Box up your sleds and any Christmas decor not already boxed. Any holiday specific dishes or kitchenware (for example, that turkey fryer), can be packed up as well. As you get closer, say a week out, go ahead and pack up any clothes other than what you need to get through the week. You can also pack up the DVDs and board games that are played less often, and the less popular toys. The more you do in advance, the less scrambled you will feel when moving day arrives!

Need help packing? I’ve gone through several moves, including one in an airplane! I can help.

Peace and Love,