When My Heart Is Overwhelmed

“...when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2, KJV


What overwhelms you? Is it your seemingly endless to-do list or the piles of paperwork waiting to be filed? Or is it how you will take the kids to soccer and ballet, and still find time to go grocery shopping?


When our life or home is cluttered it is incredibly overwhelming, sometimes to the point where we become frozen, unsure how or where to start. Often times, it seems that this feeling of overwhelm is actually not caused by the clutter, but the clutter is actually a response to feeling overwhelmed. How frequently I have let my to do list pile up, because other things in my life were causing stress! Usually, clutter and procrastination are symptoms of larger problems.


When I was in college and had an exam coming up, I would clean my room. I wouldn’t even touch my textbook if something in my dorm room what out of place. Because cleaning is a good thing, right? Wrong!- At least in this instance. I was nervous and overwhelmed by what I needed to study, so I just ignored it and pretended that cleaning my room was more important.


In the same way, sometimes it feels easier to let our possessions pile up and become clutter than to go through the process of deciding we don’t actually need or want something. Sometimes we are stressed by the thought of disappointing someone when we don’t actually have a use for a gift. Rather than confronting that stress, we let it create more stress in the form of piles of junk.


These are just two examples. I want to challenge you this week to reflect on what is really overwhelming you. Reflect on how you arrived where you are, and also on where you would like to be. God is the great rock in the midst of our chaos, to whom we can cling to firmly. Seek his peace in the storm. He will guide you through it. And if you need a little help with the physical mess, I am here to help.


Peace and Love,