Command Centers

Let’s face it: life is crazy and we need a little help keeping track of everyday items and tasks. Enter the command center. Command centers are great. They are a space that helps you keep track of upcoming events, to-do lists, shopping lists, bills to pay and much more. They can also be a station to store items you need daily, such as jackets, purses, keys, and leashes. The real beauty of the command center is that you can build it according to what your needs are and where you need them. You might even divide the areas up.


As stated above, command centers should be designed for your family’s needs. I am going to use my system as an example, but believe firmly you need to figure out what you need most in a command center. My command center is divided into two main areas: the entryway and the refrigerator. My entryway has a great shelf with hooks perfect for coats, leashes, purses, and keys. From there, we flow into the kitchen. The refrigerator is home base. Here I keep track of all those major events coming up and track groceries. My favorite thing is magnetic clips. Using these, I hold up our family calendar, wedding invitations, shopping lists, upcoming bills, and our monthly budget reminder. At a glance, I can see what needs to be on my radar and can easily clean it off or add items. It’s also easy to grab the invitations for directions and registry information, or grab the shopping trip for a quick Walmart run. I also keep a small whiteboard on the counter beside the fridge to do my meal planning reminders.


The bottom line is to find the best space to fit your needs and decide what it most helpful to have in that space. A command center can really help your everyday life run smoothly. I swear it keeps me from losing my head sometimes! Need help figuring out what works? Fill out the contact form on my website and I would love to chat with you about how I can help you get and stay organized!


Peace and Love,