The Benefits of an Organized Home

As a professional organizer, I love how it feels to have a place for everything and everything in its place. There's something so freeing in seeing my home set to order. I recently considered what exactly it is about an organized home that makes everything feel better. Keep reading to find out what I find to be the biggest benefits of a clean home. 

You Know Where Everything Is: This is perhaps one of the most obvious points. When you organize your home, you must first go through and decide what things to keep and get rid of. Then, you must decide where you use each item the most. What is its function? Where does it make sense to keep it? Then you create a plan to find that item when you need it. Looking for your keys all the time? Why not install a key rack by the door?

The Weight Is Lifted: Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders as you stare at the piles of papers yet to sort and clothes that no longer fit in your closet? Once you have taken the time to declutter, you will look back at your house and sigh in relief with the weight lifted from your shoulders. Not only are you relieved of the nagging thoughts of “I need to clean,” but when your home is organized, it looks lighter. The whole house opens up when items are placed out of sight.

You Have More Time: Now, obviously you don’t magically end up with 25 hours in a day by organizing your home. But in a world where time is money, you do end up with more time to spend on what matters to you when you have an organized home. Think about it--How much time do you spend shuffling through the pile of mail on your counter for the bill that is due? How much time do you waste cleaning the same area, only to find the pile has collected again at the end of the week? When you invest in organizing your space, you can find what you need in an instant and all those items that gather in piles on every surface in your home now have a place--be it in a file or in the garbage. Cleaning your home no longer takes hours how figuring out where to put things and now focuses only on the actual day-to-day dirt collection your dog drags in. With all these time-eaters that add up to waste your day out of the picture, you now have time to invest in things that are important to you, such as Faith, family, friends, education, and hobbies.

You Feel Better-Mind, Body, and Soul: Let’s face it. Where we live greatly impacts all of our wellbeings. If your home is cluttered, you risk falling and injuring yourself. Or maybe your allergies act up because you can’t get to all the dust that has collected among all the piles in your house. You become exhausted trying to live in that state, searching for things. You are frustrated that it never gets better, no matter how hard you work at it. You become depressed because the disorganization is hurting your relationships. When your home is set to right, you have an open space, free to move about. It’s easier to clean the dust and germs we bring in daily. Our outlook changes as suddenly we are comfortable inviting friends home again and we have time for what we want to do, to focus on the relationships that we value. It’s a breath of fresh air, a clean slate, a brand new opportunity to be a brand new you.

It’s springtime. What a great time to invest in a fresh start! If you want to grab hold of the benefits of an organized home and don’t know where to begin, start here. Every Sparrow Professional Organization offers a free consultation to new clients. Give me a call to see how we can help your space serve you. 

Peace and Love,